Sailing Supplies
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Sailing Supplies

When you own a sailboat you’re going to need a tremendous amount of sailing supplies and tools. Not only do you need specific supplies for the sailboat itself, but you also need tools and supplies for being out on the open ocean, where there aren’t too many places to pit stop for when you need something. It’s best to overstock the supplies you need, so you can take care of any emergency on the boat. Any delay out at sea may cause further problems if ocean conditions suddenly worsen so always plan for the worst.

The first such materials you’ll always need on hand are repair and replacement parts for the equipment associated with the sails themselves. This includes replacement rope and pulley pieces that are essential to the running of your ship. Additionally, replacement sails and repair kits for torn sails are extremely important as they are necessary to move. Though they are very sturdy, being stranded at sea is such a risk that these tools are vital even though they add extra weight and require special training to use. The same goes for any motors that are on your ship. Repair kits and replacement parts should be well stocked as these are often the only way to return to shore in some cases.

Though supplies for motion are the most necessary, there are many other supplies that will be important to any sailor. These include navigation tools and communication tools. Without these you may still be able to get around, but you are likely to get yourself into an accident. Furthermore, you cannot communicate with other vessels including important officials like Coast Guard crews. Although you may be familiar with the waters in which you sail, navigation tools are still necessary if conditions change suddenly. Moreover, you should never assume you know an area of water perfectly.

After the caretaking of your ship, you should stock your boat with plenty of comforts to make your sailing more enjoyable. This includes equipment for storing food, utensils, games, and other forms of entertainment for while you and your family and friends enjoy the open water. A simple cooler will often do to keep your food chilled, but you can find small fridges as well.

Finally, dress the part of the sailor as well. Have appropriate clothing to keep you warm against the wind and have good shoes that are non-slip and waterproof so you are safe while working on your ship.

Sailing Supplies Sailing Supplies