Sailing Supplies
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Sailing Attire

Sailing attire isn’t too different from the type of clothing you would wear on land so many people forego special equipment in order to save money. However, specialized clothing is extremely important to having an enjoyable sailing experience that will keep you feeling good as you sail and protect you from the elements. Depending upon your environment you may need more or less of these pieces of equipment, but here are the basics for you to sail in no matter where you are at.

Sailing shoes are a huge part of not just looking cool when you sail (the most important thing, right?), but also being safe. These shoes are usually designed with a casual look that makes them look dressier than for practical use on a ship, but they are very useful on deck. These shoes are made with waterproof material and feature some form of non-slip grip on their sole. These are intended to keep your feet firmly planted on deck since on a sailing ship you can easily slip from the tilting of the vessel or the amount of water onboard.

A jacket for sailing is also very important to having an enjoyable sailing experience. These jackets are also made waterproof and windproof. Even on a warm day the wind can chill you quickly or just be plain uncomfortable against your skin, so these products are important to wear most days. This little bit of protection will keep you warm and won’t inhibit your movement while you work on the ship. Though many other windbreakers can do the same, these jackets are made with sailing in mind and so are cut to fit with common motions.

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