Sailing Supplies
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Sailing Gear

There is a great amount of sailing gear available to sailors to make the experience of sailing their ship much more enjoyable and safer. This equipment comes in many forms, but every ship should be well stocked in many of these tools. Here is some basic gear to get you started on stocking up your ship for an enjoyable ride.

One of the most basic pieces of gear is a life jacket. Any person who steps on your ship should have a life jacket on them at all times. Though many people may feel comfortable on the ship, accidents can happen at anytime and without such a jacket minor accidents can lead to major problems, which can result in severe injury or death. These pieces are very cheap, easy to use, and come in a variety of sizes, so there is no excuse not to have everyone aboard wearing one.

In addition to this, many sailors like to have a good sailing jacket to wear when out on the water. Once you hit the water, even a warm day can feel cold. With the wind blowing right off the water, the temperature can drop suddenly. The air blowing on you can also feel harsh on your skin as well. But many pilots still have to work while sailing, so these jackets are often made of light material that resists wind and water without being bulky to inhibit movement.

Other gear for your ship can include any number of things, but should always include safety gear.

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